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Senin, 21 Desember 2009

Pet Society hack - Auto Jump + Coin // Update


  1. Go into Pet Society
  2. Play with the rope until you got a coin (usually 6 jumps)
  3. Open Cheat Engine, select firefox
  4. Tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM
  5. Scan "408B0000011D840F"
  6. 1 address found, copy out the address and paste it in the generator below.
  7. New Scan "4589C47589544F8B"
  8. 1 address found, copy out the address and paste it in the generator below.
  9. Click generate and copy out ALL the codes
  10. In cheat engine, click Ctrl-A (tools>auto assemble)  and paste all the generated code inside.
  11. Click execute
  12. Play with rope, it will auto skip and you'll earn some easy coins.

 Video Credit : mamadtomad


Steps Auto Jump no Coin

  1. Enter the game, 
  2. Open Cheat Engine v5.5  "Process firefox.exe"
  3. Settings checked (Hex.8 bytes.Also scan read only memory)
  4. Enter the game for skipping a pet
  5. First Scan "7589544F8B01C08"
  6. 1 address returned, "Disassemble this memory region" it
  7. You will see "add eax 01"
  8. Change the "add eax 01" to "add eax 02"
  9. Back to the game to test a rope skipping, it is now time for each hop will increase 2
  10. Back to Cheat Engine v5.5 settings
  11. Checked (Hex.Array Of Byte.Also scan read only memory)
  12. First Scan "0F844C0000008B5DDC8B83C801"
  13. 1 address returned, right click select "Disassemble this memory region"
  14. You will see Je xxxxxxxx 
  15. Change the Je xxxxxxxx to jmp xxxxxxxxx,(Dont Change The Other Number(just Je to jmp only))
Back to the game, jumping rope,
now do not have to manually jump,
the system will increase the frequency of its own to complete!

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