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Jumat, 11 Desember 2009

Restaurant City | 30 Coins Every Save


  1. Open Restaurant City
  2. Open Cheat Engine, tick HEX, 8 bytes, and ASROM
  3. Put 00000004B8684889 in the HEX box
  4. In Restaurant City, click the trees until a coin drops
  5. Now click First Scan in Cheat Engine
  6. 1 address should return. Right Click > Disassemble this memory region
  7. You should be able to see this line: mov [eax+68]...
  8. Right Click the line > Toggle breakpoint
  9. In Restaurant City, move some furniture, press the green tick to save the game
  10. Now click the trees, until the game freezes
  11. In cheat engine, click the RED COLOURED "EAX" and copy the value
  12. Click New Scan, and paste the value you copied in the HEX box, and changed the value to 4 bytes
  13. First Scan > 1 or 2 addresses might return. Copy the FIRST address if you got 2
  14. Click "Add address manually" at the bottom right of Cheat Engine
  15. Change the type to 4 bytes and tick the pointer
  16. Paste the address you got from step 11 to "Address of pointer"
  17. Type 68 in the Offset HEX
  18. 1 line will appear at the bottom of Cheat Engine. Double click on the value column and change the number to 30. Tick the FREEZE box
  19. In Cheat Engine's memory viewer, right click the line mov [eax+68]... again > Toggle breakpoint
  20. Now click Debug > Run
  21. In Restaurant City, go out to the street > decorate building
  22. Move something then click the green tick to save
  23. The coins will not change now; so reload the game
  24. Then you'll see the new value of the coins!
***Recommanded to close your restaurant for the time being
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