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Senin, 29 Maret 2010

Luna Online PVP server

Halloween Update

Halloween is pretty near, homies!!! It's time to get a cool costume to scare the hell out of random people and beg for candies to your neighboors!!
Item Mall Updates

New Item Mall releases!! Try your luck with our brand new weapon/jewelry boxes while wearing this sexy chef outfit! Maybe you're lucky enough to get some kind of rare item which you can sell for billions and get a gold bug! We also have added a new Enchantment scroll which will give you the possibility to try your luck enchanting to +15 and some other cool items ;]
Website Online

Hey, everyone.

I'm happy to announce the website is back online and fully operational.

We have received a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) threat from Gala-Net and had to take the website down for awhile but things should be okay now.

You may read more about it in the Updates section on the forum.

- Zigara
Guild war

Hey, everyone! ♥

If you've been paying attention to our Weekly PvP, you've probably noticed that it is now set to "off." This is because Kyr & I have been planning on creating a guild-related weekly war event. Unfortunately, I can't do this without the help of our players!
Please visit this topic to help us out. I need information to organize this event!

Also, as you can see, we've made a 594 player peak! If we get that number up to 600, we'll finally be able to have that 130x/30x EXP event!

Please do not vend in Channels 1 or 3! Channel 2 is the only place that you're allowed to open a shop!

Thanks for reading & keep supporting the server!
- Mint
New costumes
Hey, everyone.

We've finally decided to release the Hip-hop costume since Kyr isn't around to use it as her own unique style anymore a lot of people requested it. Along with the Hip-hop costume, we have also added the Traditional Chi Pao set.

I hope you all enjoy the newly released costumes!
- Mint
Server back online!

Hello, everyone.

The server is back online and running a lot smoother. We have finished the server upgrade, we are now running on two very powerful dedicated servers.

With this upgrade we have introduced a 3rd channel to spread out the players a bit more and hopefully make the maps less crowded. We will also be introducing some new updates in the coming weeks that you should all enjoy!

I also want to make note that vending MUST be done on Channel 2, if you vend on any other channel you will be kicked & repeated offenders will be banned.

We will be having a 130x/30x EXP event if we hit 600 players online, we are very close to that peak so lets hope more players come!

- Zigara
Item Mall Online & Updated

Hello, everyone.

First, we sincerely apologize for taking down the item mall for so long without prior notice. We've been planning on making some changes to it but couldn't fit in time to actually do it.
I'm pleased to announce that it's finally up though!

The changes include:

* New "currency" system - Premium points are obtained from donating & gold points are obtained from voting.
* Rewards from voting require more points.
* Hidden Blade, Concealed Barrier, Faded Sacredness etc. are now donation-only.
* 30% EXP for 5 hours added(donation-only).

If you find any issues, please contact the staff as soon as possible.

Keep voting & supporting; it's greatly appreciated ♥
- Mint
Voting rule

Hello, everyone.

We have put a new rule in place for the Vote 4 Points system. It seems people were trying to abuse it by creating many many accounts to get points. We will not allow this.

You must have a level 80 or above character to get a reward from voting as of today. We are sorry about this but its the only way to prevent people from doing this.
Website Design & Item Mall Prices
Hello, everyone.

As you can see, we've updated the site with a new design ♥ Credits for the banner & buttons go to Bubblegum--thank you!

I've also raised the prices on a few items in the Item Mall to prevent players from having massive amounts of donation equipment. You'll notice that the Black Widow Leader suit is now 30 points, but the complete set is still 40 points. Cloaks/capes are raised to 15 points instead of 10 as well.

By the way, I'd like to thank all of our players for voting. We're finally at the top of all the MMO voting sites that we registered for!

Vote 4 Point

Hello everyone,

I'm proud to announce that you can now vote for item mall points. You can click the vote link on the website and it will take you to the correct page. You can also use the 'Vote' link in the game panel. You must be logged into the game panel or you will not get your points. Each vote gives you 1 point and you can vote every 12 hours.
New Client!

July 18, 2009

Hello everyone,

I have released a new client but it is not required to continue playing.

The new client includes:

* Fixed patcher, it seems the current one likes to crash.
* New resolution/window settings dialog (Options.exe).
* Changed all the names from Luna Online Canada to CelestiaLuna.
* Fixed some ingame effects such as the sparkler dance.
* New item database, you will notice some of the item names are a bit different now.
* The antihack has been improved a bit to protect more of the game resource files.
* Pet & Character exp bars now matches the server.
* Distorted Crack has been added to the map move scroll.

You can download the new client on the website.
If you find any bugs/issues with the new client, please PM one of the staff members as soon as possible!
Name Change & Item Mall!

Hello everyone,

We have decided to change the name of the server! The server will now be called CelestiaLuna. The website will now be located at We will be dropping the current name in the coming days. The item mall is also complete and ready for everyone! Let us know if you find any bugs!
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